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I have some thoughts about lavender. While it smells great and has a calming influence, there is so much more to it. I have been using lavender in many forms for over 30 years and thought I would share some of my favorite uses.

I first starting using lavender because I couldn't sleep. Being a quilter I made a beautiful quilted pillow and embedded it with dried lavender buds. While it did help me relax it wasn't very washable. Lesson learned.

Okay. How about I try lavender essential oil. A few drops on the pillow gave me the same feelings. But watch that you don't stain your fabric. How about inserting a cotton ball into the pillow. Problem solved. Helped with my nightime asthma too. Who knew?

So what else could I use lavender for? I started reading up. It turns out lavender has anti-bacterial properties. Well, I was already making my own laundry soap so let's try lavender essential oil added to that. Unfortunately while it worked great on the laundry, my very manly trucker husband sorta objected to the fragrance. While it was pleasant, he felt the light floral scent didn't fit his image. I found a compromise and added lemon. The combination works well and he's ok with it.

So anti-bacterial qualities extended to anti-microbial and even anti-viral properties. Lavender is amazing stuff! It's usually my go-to. It helps with migraines, asthma and colds. All due to the relaxation and anti-everything, but also when used appropriately. It does tend to get overused but because it is so easy to grow and easy to obtain, it is also easy to experiment with.

So give lavender a chance. You might come to love this miracle plant as much as I do.

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