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Freedom Hill Farms

Hand Sanitizer

Kills the germs without drying your skin. $15 and $8. Refills are $12 and $6

Bug Spray

Help keep those nasty bugs off you and your dogs. Formulated to keep away flies, ticks, chiggers, fleas and other pests. $15 and $12

After Bug

If you forgot your spray, use this soothing formula on those bites and stings. $6

Bug Potpourri

With a clean fresh smell, this unique formula helps to keep your house, car, or other spaces free from flying, crawling and wriggling pests. $3 an ounce.

Wonder Salve

First aid in a jar, this formula comes with an information card that outlines all its uses. $35 and $12

Freedom Gel

This roll-on formula gives you Freedom from pain. $15 and $10


Use this to protect you from those harmful rays. $15

After Sun

Sooth the sun damage with this spray. $8

Vapor Rub

An all-natural formula to replace your old stanby. $15

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